Live Sound Production

Service to Western Colorado and Eastern Utah for any medium or small event! From festivals to concerts, Barkindog Audio and Sound can give your event the quality and professionalism it deserves!

Types of Events:

  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Local & Regional Artists or “second-tier” National Artists
  • For large productions, staging, video, and backline needs, call Snob Productions
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Speaking Engagements & Conferences

Western Colorado Events Served: (as a sub-contractor for Snob Productions)

  • Palisade Bluegrass Festival (2011-2014)
  • Grande River Vineyards: various concerts (2010-2013)
  • Cowboy in the Park Ridgway (2012-2014)
  • Montrose Pavilion events
  • Club 20 meetings (2011-2012)
  • Rotary Masquerade (2011-2013)
  • Doubletree New Years Eve (2010-2013)
  • Mesa County Fair (2012-2013)
  • Garfield County Fair (2011-2012)
  • Lake City Uncorked Festival (2011-2013)

Concert Pricing:

Based on following equipment list:

“A System”*base price: $2,500 per day with multi-day discount

“B System” *base price: $1,200 per day with multi-day discount

**Base price does not include delivery, travel, or staffing costs
**Lighting is NOT included in base price
Call for a quote on any size event!

Typical Concert/Festival Equipment List:

FOH: Soundcraft GB8, 32 Channel
8 Auxilliary, 2 mid-range sweeps
4 Band EQ
FOH Outboard Gear: 8 Channel DBX
166 XL Compressors
8 Channels DBX Noise Gates
2 Yamaha SPX90
1 Yamaha SPX990
1 TC Electronics Delay
2 Ashly 31 Band EQ
2 DBX 160 House Compression
Assorted Ashly Crossover networks
FOH: 13000 Watts QSC Power Amps
26000 Watts available for bigger shows (more $)

Speakers: “A System” (Bigger Shows)

Stacked on Scaffolding, not flown
8-2” Horns per side
8-10” High Mids per side
4-15” Low Mids per side
3 Dual 18” Subs per side

“B System” (Smaller Shows)

4 Stacks, 7’ Tall each
4 Dual 18 Subs
4 Dual 12 Low Mids
4 Single 10 High Mids
4 JBL 2” Horns
2 Center-fill Cabinets
2 Time-delay Rear-fill Cabinets

Monitor Board: Soundcraft GB4, 28 Channel

8 Mix Capability, 600 Watts per mix & 1200 for drum mix
8 DBX 31 Band EQ
2 mid-range sweeps
4 Band EQ

Monitor System: 12 Floor Wedges

1 Large monitor for Drum mix

Side Fill cabinets each side
Power & Wiring: 36 Channel, 150’ Mic Snake with Monitor splits per channel
Assorted Sub Snakes/mic cables, etc.
Power Distribution system to tie in
200’ 4 conductor, 4 gauge AC wire to reach panel box to stage distro
10—25’ 4/3 Stage power drops (for band use)
Assorted Microphones: Shure
Audio Technica
18 mic stands: tripod with booms
12 short atlas stands with booms
3 Wireless handheld mics
Direct Boxes: 10 Passive Whirlwind “Director”

Lighting (not included in base price):

Up to 32 par 64– 500 Watt
Truss, Stands, or floor mounts
Follow spot available for bigger shows for more $